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Jul, 1 2004 through Dec, 31 2004

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Rose (Russo) Cousineau 1955 |
The Class of 1955 and 1956 is having a combined 50th reunion in September 2005. If you haven't been contacted, PLEASE E-MAIL ME. It means you're on our missing person's list. Lots of exciting things planned!! We're going to the theatre--we're having a dinner/dance--we're going on a 7-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera! Check out the Reunion section for more details.
Thursday December 30, 2004 03:53 - San Diego, CA

Tommy Kelly 1976 |
Some of you may have known my brother Jerry Kelly. Class of '74. Jerry has been an engineer at Northern Illinois University for the past 15 years. He married well and raised 3 beautiful daughters. Jerry left us on December 7, 2004. He sends his love.
Monday December 27, 2004 14:54 - Orcas Island Washington

Mary Burnett (Gallion) 81' |
Posting my new Email address. Al and I were blessed with another baby girl Sept.1st. That makes two for us... got a late start, makin'up time!Happy Holidays to all.
Saturday December 25, 2004 22:07 - Doniphan, Mo.

Larry Townsend |
Getting into the loop with fellow class mates of 82. Am currently in the Army(E-8)with 20 years and stationed at Ft Bliss, Tx. I've recently returned from Iraq and happily married with four wonderful children.
Friday December 24, 2004 23:37 - El Paso, TX

David Jerome Grimm 1958 |
Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to Mar Vista Class of 1958! Dave Grimm
Friday December 24, 2004 23:17 - Imperial Beach California

Fred Allen 68 |
Just want to wish all a Merry Christmas. Also on Dec. 15th 2004 I married my child hood sweetheart Dianne Dumbaugh also from the class of 68. Life is good.
Friday December 24, 2004 18:59 - Pontiac, Il.

Miguel Castro class of 1998 |
woundering what you guys are up to.I work at a military base in Coronado CA.I am traveling and having lots of fun. Drop me an Email I would like to hear from you guys.
Tuesday November 16, 2004 14:50 - San Diego CA.

Kenney Pryce, '75 |
Hey there! graduated from univ. of Azusa-Pacific in 1980. played professional baseball with the Chicago Cubs organization for 9 years. married to Allison and live in beaverdale Iowa
A suburb of Des Moines-its beautiful!!
Monday November 15, 2004 15:53 - Des Moines, Ia.

Linda Estrada (Lattin) 74 |
It's amazing to read about everyone that graduated in 74! Hi Terry Walston!
Sunday November 14, 2004 15:14 - Chula Vista, CA

Adam Davis '04 |
Just getting my name on here. Anybody who wants to talk send me a message.
Sunday November 14, 2004 13:10 - San Diego, CA

Mary Sandoval 74' |
Saw Terry Allen in the 30year reunion for 74', is this the same Terry Allen that had a brother named Paul? If so can someone give me contact info or give my email to her. We used to hang out in middle school.
Saturday November 13, 2004 07:37 - Pittsburgh, PA

Rubi Dominguez |
Hey peoples!!! Well i did join the NAVY,I graduated basic trainig 15Nov04,it was an absolute piece of cake. I have orders for the AS39, I'll be working with submarines, in an island called La Maddalena,the bigest island of the archipelagos,in Italy.I'm sooooooo exited. Hey well, if you want to say hi, drop me ane-mail @ [email protected]
Friday November 12, 2004 22:26 - La Maddalena, Italy

Tila Case 69 |
Had a great time at the reunion thanks Evie, Bill and Pam hope everyone enjoyed the show. Keep in touch.
Thursday November 11, 2004 19:11 - El Cajon Ca.

Dave Owens, '87 |
Where is everyone from '87?
Thursday November 11, 2004 18:35 - San Diego, California

Vickey Hall 1984 |
Hi all things are going good for me and my family. Could you update my email to [email protected]
t on the class list. thank you
Thursday November 11, 2004 10:50 - San Diego/CA

Lorraine Headrick (56) |
Looking for the Dexter family. Dennis Wilson Dexter (54) and his sister Jane Dexter (56?) who married Charles King (?). Please email with any information. Thanking you in advance. Lorraine
Tuesday November 9, 2004 21:35 - Chula Vista, CA

Deric Fernandez 1989 |
Life is beautiful when you see clearly !!!! MBA Student at National University.....
Tuesday November 9, 2004 17:30 - National City

Tamara Mihalenko (Tammy) |
Hey Mariners! :-) just updating my email address.....seems "some 1" was trying the wrong address to write to me. lol I'm doing great-just got hired by the school district woo yooo! I have two beautiful children, Roxanne 9 and Jacob 5. I am divorcing, and very happy with life. But I miss I.B. Go class of 92!
Monday November 8, 2004 16:45 - Concord, Ca

Sheila Dickey (Seifert) |
Went to grade school at Harbor View Elementary until 4th grade. Looking for anyone that remembers me. Alot of names on the '87 class index look familiar. I miss Imperial Beach!
Monday November 8, 2004 05:33 - Lakebay, Washington

Jose Crespo 04 |
I just wanna say hi to my buddies especially the "charolastras".
Sunday November 7, 2004 01:30 - San Ysidro, CA

Anthony McColgan, '01 |
Please update my e-mail address. I don't have [email protected] anymore. My new e-mail is [email protected]
om. Thank you.
Saturday November 6, 2004 16:05 - Los Angeles

Mabelle (Jo) Sanderson Murphy, '56 |
Where are the classes for the great 50's? Especially the class of '56. Hope to see some of you at the reunion next year with class of '55. I am now living in Kingman, AZ. Love it here.
Saturday November 6, 2004 15:10 - Kingman, AZ

Angela Yokley (Staten) 1992 |
Hello all. I had a change of e-mail address. I am still trying to get a hold of Tricia brooks if anybody knows how. I am still married with 7 kids now. Girls 10, 8, and 5. Boys 3, 2 and twins 7 months. I am back in school to future my carrer in Criminal Justice. I hope everybody is doing well.
Saturday November 6, 2004 10:37 - San Diego, Ca.

Rick Wilson, 90 |
BA from UCSB in 1994. Lived in Santa Barbara for 6 years. Moved back to IB to work for the San Diego Chargers (1996-2002). Married Lena in May of 1998. Michael was born in April of 1999. Currently the Facility Director for the Mission Valley YMCA. Completed MBA in 2002.
Thursday November 4, 2004 21:53 - Imperial Beach, CA

Natalie Aguirre (Jenkins) 85 |
What a fun site. Especially the reunion pictures from class of 83. I am married to a Saints grad with 2 beautiful children, Christopher (5) and Summer (3). I take our kids yearly to walk the beach in IB and have to laugh to myself about the fun times we all had growing up at MVH. When I locate our 10 year reunion pics, I will post them-keep an eye out. 11/04
Thursday November 4, 2004 01:12 - San Diego, California

May Pansoy - 1973 |
Too bad I missed the 30 year reunion. Would have loved to see everyone. 1st time to visit this website - Wonderful.
Wednesday November 3, 2004 23:01 - Oxnard, CA

wheres the senior pics in color for class of ´04?
Wednesday November 3, 2004 16:19 - ib


Shawn Fann (Davis) 1982 |
Just an update of my e-mail address.
Wednesday November 3, 2004 16:17 - Brentwood, CA

Shawyndalywnn Mendenhall (Hardman) |
Still staying home with the girl and planning to go to college. Loving family life and looking towards the future.
Wednesday November 3, 2004 15:24 - Bridgeport, WV

Bonnie Graves (Richards) 1989 |
It's been a long time since I have heard from anyone from the class of '89. Hope all of you are well. Email me if you have the time.
Wednesday November 3, 2004 13:12 - Virginia

Daniel Trammell 1986 |
i know i have not been the best at keeping in touch, but i do remember and miss everyone i knew back in high school

i am now a corrections officer for the state of michigan, and i plan to get into politics and start a non profit organization next year

if you knew me and want to get in touch please email me soon
i hope tp is still smiling on us from where he is at
Tuesday November 2, 2004 18:00 - Grand Rapids Michigan

Tivani Marcell 99' |
Hi Mariners! Hope all is well. Not too exciting, but still doing the school thing. working for BUD. Still in IB- can you blame me:). Kyle Collins! If you see this write back.
Tuesday November 2, 2004 10:51 - Imperial Beach, CA

Brenda Cisneros (Orozco) |
Glad to see so many of my classmates doing so well. I married my high school sweetheart, Carlos Cisneros "93" almost 10 years ago. We have 2 handsome boys Carlos 8 & Cristian 3. I work as an Administrative Assistant in CV. If you remeber me don't hesitate to send an email.
Monday November 1, 2004 12:29 - Chula Vista, Ca.

Crespo 04 |
Monday November 1, 2004 12:03 - San Ysidro, CA

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Mark Bibbey c/o 87 |
I needed to update my profile. Also saying hello to everyone from MVHS that knows me.
Monday November 1, 2004 10:44 - Upland, California

Edna McCoy, '59 |
Hi everybody. I would love to hear from people who remember me.
Saturday October 30, 2004 13:13 - Imperial Beach, CA

James R. Melton '62 |
Ahoy, Mariners! I'm b-a-a-a-ck! Please update e-mail address. Would be happy to hear from all old classmates.
Saturday October 30, 2004 08:01 - Atascocita, Texas

Raymond Tungcab |
All is well just got married and had a couple of high school buddies attend the wedding. E-mail me and i'll tell you whats new..
Friday October 29, 2004 20:22 - Montclair, CA

Marcy Castaneda , '00 |
Just want to say hi to class of 2000.
Thursday October 28, 2004 20:29 - San Diego, Ca

Kathy Applegate-Norman '72 |
I married Ted Norman, the son of my favorite SDSU professor in 1989, and we have one beautiful, talented, preteen daughter who attends Chula Vista Middle School joins Ted's other grown children. I have been teaching in San Ysidro at Willow School for the past 20 years, currently with the 2nd grade... I still attend Nestor Methodist Church. I am in contact with Pam (Sellers)Nelson, and Susie (Cummings)Hoover and her classmate husband Dave.
Thursday October 28, 2004 00:43 - Chula Vista

Vega 04' |
just wanted to say hi to all my friends especially to The Charos, some people in the senior lawn, and to the one and only Haide Martin love ya girl stay strong... well anyways thats basically it im out!!! arriba los charolastras.. a.k.a julio, tenoch y sabahs
un toke al dia es la llave de la allegria hehehe
Wednesday October 27, 2004 23:54 - San Ysidro

Grisel Guijarro '02 | |
I'm currently attending UCSD, as a matter of fact this is my third year. I love it up here... I've met so many awesome people and I'm doing so many great stuff. I plan to major in Human Development with a Chicano Studies Minor... I live with four other girls up here in La JOLLA,would love to hear what everyone else has been up to...
Wednesday October 27, 2004 18:34 - La Jolla, CA

Erica Ramos 2001 |
I still live in I.B. I am working in a salon in Hillcrest. I just got my cosmetology license.
Monday October 25, 2004 16:36 - Imperial Beach, CA

Candie Bailey-Partin {Bridges} 1995 |
Hello all my fellow Mariners I have been married/devorced and remaried to a wonderful man named Cory I have 3 beutiful boys. We are very happy, but I sometimes can't help feeling a little land locked and home sick for the beach concidering I live in the frozen tundra. Please feel free to e mail me at [email protected]
m I am jelous all of you still back in I.B. HaHa. I hope you all are happy and well.
Monday October 25, 2004 16:24 - Butte Montana

Sunshine Turner 96' |
Just wanted to update the contact info.
Monday October 25, 2004 04:23 - Imperial Beach, CA

Denise Flores (Hunter) |
Here's to Vanessa, Chuy, and Bonnie.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I haven't forgotten those of you who share my special day! ;)
Sunday October 24, 2004 23:39 - Kent, WA

Gina Isabel Robalino 1992!! |
Spreading the word on holistic healing is the MAJOR focus of my life as well as enjoying it with a dance.
Sunday October 24, 2004 10:32 - Imperial Beach, CA

class of 85 -86 |
hey any body still living hey to terrry and beth and beth jennifer barrnett tonya healey wenda, gardo gubaguyan scott bentley david haney todd allen charlotte hey its charlotte all you good lookin people just racin dirt track on 2 four and all wheels still raisin "H" and 3 beutiful children nikki ronald and russell
Sunday October 24, 2004 06:46 - georgia

Jennifer Jamora 1999 |
I received a BA in International Business, with an emphasis in Management, Japanese and Asian Studies in 2004. I travelled Europe for a bit. Recently, I got a job in Sales for a prominent Japanese corporation. It's been a really long time, but I'm still engaged to Mike ^_^.
Sunday October 24, 2004 00:58 - San Diego, CA

Tammy Howland '85 |
Dear Webmaster,
What a fantastic website! You've worked your fingers to the bone and it shows!
Thank you for taking time out out of your life for each of us.
Saturday October 23, 2004 18:37

Eileen Harrod C/O 1997 |
I thought it was time to give a little update. I'm still living in Long Beach, I currently work for Boeing on their Sea Launch project (,
I love it. My son is now four years old and we are as happy as can be.
Saturday October 23, 2004 16:54 - Long Beach, Ca

Shannon Bergeron c/o'04 |
Hey! It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me -especially everyone from NJROTC, I miss you all and I will never forget you guys.
Saturday October 23, 2004 00:53 - Imperial Beach, CA

Scot Bentley (86) |
Just needed to update the e-mail addy....
Friday October 22, 2004 17:09 - Jamul,CA

Cesar Michel (96) |
Hello everybody doing great hope your doing the same.
P.S Diana you are a flake and a soggy one too. he he he
Friday October 22, 2004 15:44

Larry Bates (Walker), '63 |
Looking for friends who remember Mitchellhudson, email me please?
Friday October 22, 2004 15:00 - Muskogee, OK

Cameron Dollick , '74
Still alive doing fine.
Friday October 22, 2004 13:46 - Imperial Beach, CA


Diana Aragon 1996 |
Hey Mariners
Hope your all doing well! Im still in san diego, I live in the college area, no kids I do have a kitty that I love very much, I work for the county of SD and Im still Partying it up!!would love to hear from some of you!

Hey Cesar!If you read this, Yes I am a cornflake =)
Friday October 22, 2004 13:39 - San Diego

Sharie Reynolds (Saterstad) C/O 98 |
Just wanted to share w/ all of you that my husband and I are expecting a boy! He's healthy as can be and is absolutely beautiful!
Friday October 22, 2004 08:13 - Hershey, PA

Kathleen Custodio, 1999 |
Hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to update the info that's listed in the C/O '99 section. I received my BA in 2003 from USC and will be finishing my MA next June at UCLA. I don't know if I'll be going back to San Diego afterwards, but it'll always be a special place to me.
Friday October 22, 2004 02:13 - Los Angeles, CA

Katie Greene (Ereneta), Helix '92 | |
Lynn Robinson, Your Class of 1967 referred me to your site. I am the webmaster for the Helix Alum Site, and was interested to see what your site was all about. Lynn praised this site tremendously, and I was interested to see the hard work put into it by the webmaster. Way to go! -Katie Helix Class of 1992/ Webmaster for & Helix Alum Chair
Thursday October 21, 2004 19:17 - La Mesa/CA

Yadhira Aragon, Class 1993 |
Hello everyone! Just wanted to say "hi" and let everyone know that I still in San Diego, and I am working in Downtown. I have a one-year old daughter, Skyy Romo, very beautiful. I hope everyone is well and if anyone knows where Brenda Trevino or Lupita Abundis are, tell them to e-mail me. I would like to see them!
Thursday October 21, 2004 17:39 - College Area

Claudia Gomez '93 aka Turtle | |
quick update since the reunion.
still dancing and teaching tap and jazz for the city of san diego and a couple of other studios in east county. i also teach private lessons at my home studio in eastlake. i've been performing with my rhythm tap company hoofers house throughout san diego county. i've been traveling all over the u.s. jammin' and learning from the best tap dancers. check out our upcoming events on my website and stop by the guest house. www.hoofershouse.netpeace,love and rhythm
Wednesday October 20, 2004 22:45 - Chula Vista, Ca

Lula Edwards 1963 |
Hello to all graduates of '63, those of us still motivating! Hope the Homecoming activities were successful! miss the ole Beach1 Lu
Wednesday October 20, 2004 15:08 - Hampton, NJ

Bianca Lueras c/o 1996 |
Hey to all of my friends at MVH! I'm out of the the Air force now so it would be nice to hear from someone. I cherish my mermories at Mar Vista.

Jesus "Bibis" Gonzalez, where are you...Does anyone know? Just want to say hi and see if you ever made it to the SEALS?

Take care and This is a great website.
Wednesday October 20, 2004 13:14 - San Diego, Ca

Marie B. Ramirez (Platt) 2000 |
I am now married. We have a beautiful baby girl named Jazmyne Lacell. Was stationed in Italy for 3 years, now in Va beach, VA as BM2(sw/aw)Platt finished my degree is psychology from the university of Maryland. On my way to soon becoming an officer within the next 2 years.
Tuesday October 19, 2004 18:08 - VA Beach, VA

Angelica Ortiz class of 1991 |
Hi Everyone! I've been married for two years now (since 2002), my husband's name is Jose and we live in Chula Vista. No children YET...!
I've been working in Hispanic Marketing for over 5 years and loving it!
Tuesday October 19, 2004 16:22 - Chula Vista, CA

Carol Walker (Rossetti) 67 | |
Been married to Philip since June, 1967. Have two daughters and two grandsons. I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a clinic in several locations nationally. Would love to find old friends.
Tuesday October 19, 2004 09:33 - Noblesville, Indiana

Bruce Osterberg, 1958 |
When I graduated, I knew I was just out of the starting blocks, I didn't imagine the length nor the terrain ahead.
Tuesday October 19, 2004 03:16 - Escondido, CA

Clifford Bigwood/1980 |
Please change the email address beside my picture!thanks cliff
Tuesday October 19, 2004 00:20 - Chula Vista, CA

Claudia Acosta
Hi, I only want to say hello to the best school that I attended.
Monday October 18, 2004 21:25 - Los Angeles, C.A


Carol Crosby (Galloway) 1955 |
I have been widowed for 2 years, was married to Sonny for 50 years, would love to hear from anyone that remembers those great days of the 50's and of course me and Sonny.
Monday October 18, 2004 21:01 - Imperial Beach, CA

Carlos Hinojosa '03 |
Just wanted to say hi to all Mar Vista Graduates. Write to me!
Monday October 18, 2004 16:06 - Imperial Beach

Linda Weygandt 1974 |
Just read about the 30 year Reunion it is hard to imagine 30 years really have passed by. Doing great I have one son Aric, he is 16 and really enjoys music and is a great artist. Not married but almost the same thing with Carl for 17 years. I was supervisor for a finacial company in La Jolla and in December'03 I took some time off from work to taking care of my mother because she is not in good health. This situation has keep me very busy as a health care provider.
Monday October 18, 2004 04:35 - Coronado, California

Melinda Molina 1996 | |
Just stopping by to say, "HELLO"=)
if you knew Sarah Ball, let me know if you know where she is...I'm trying to get a hold of her...Thanks a Bunch=)
Saturday October 16, 2004 19:27 - North Las Vegas, NV

Tony Gaabucayan 95' |
I stumbled upon this website while I was bored at work. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and if you want to drop me a email.
Saturday October 16, 2004 12:29 - Imperial Beach

Hedy (Rieder) Schurig '61 |
My husband and I moved to Star Idaho in 1999, because both of our girls live here and they took all six of my grandchildren, so of course, we had to move too. We had a dairy farm in McMinnville, Or for 20 years before moving here. We traded cows for apartments, which are in Boise. Like Idaho, but still miss Oregon and all the friends we had there. I have always searched for Mary Ellis, married name Nubauer. Does anyone know where she is? Would love to hear from her.
Friday October 15, 2004 21:01 - Star, ID

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Laurie Woodard (Legg) 95' |
hey there i dont remember if i have updated my email address..i know reunion info should be going out soon so i wanted to make sure i hear from you...i miss cali...hope to see you all next year
Friday October 15, 2004 20:08 - Tennessee

Franky Ortega c/o 2000 |
i figured my info on the class index photo was no longer accurate so i think this is how i would update it. my new email address is [email protected] i'm done at uc santa barbara and working on a master of education at national university. well, talk to you guys later.
Friday October 15, 2004 16:31 - Sylmar (in LA)

Brenda Gracia (2005) |
Mar Vista Seniors are the Best!!
Thursday October 14, 2004 23:21 - San Ysidro

Ian Cummings '74 | |
Hey all you Mariners. Great to see this site and some familiar names. I guess I've been out of the loop for a while and didn't know about this, or the plans for a 30-year reunion. I'll be out of town that weekend, so won't make it to the reunion, but I will try to be back in time for the Sunday picnic. Hope to see you there.
Thursday October 14, 2004 20:59 - San Diego

Jordana Pacheco '02 |
It's odd how you catch up with so many that shared the same classes and sports you did, yet you never really seemed to have time to get to know what they're really all about until you leave the safety net of Mar Vista. I miss that net, yet I'm grateful for the opportunity to now see and actually get to know those great individuals. Everyone has something of value to share with you, if you allow them the sincere chance to do so. By the By: Rock The Vote!!!!!
Thursday October 14, 2004 15:41 - San Diego, Ca

Bob Hughes |
Hey Mariners,
Only a few weeks before elections. I just wanted to ask Mariners to get out there and vote for a former Dean of Mar Vista, Stan Canaris for Sweetwater School Board Seat #2. The Teachers Association has endorsed him, and the students need him! VOTE Canaris!
Thursday October 14, 2004 01:04 - Chula Vista, CA

Mariana (Gay) Hughes |
Hi Mariners,
Just wanted to let anyone who reads this site and cares about Mar Vista and students in the South Bay, PLEASE VOTE for STAN CANARIS FOR SWEETWATER BOARD SEAT #2. I am now lucky enough to be a teacher in our community, and I know that teachers, students, and families deserve the integrity and experience that Stan Canaris has shown for 36 years as an educator. Please contact me if you want to help! VOTE CANARIS!!!
Thursday October 14, 2004 01:01 - Chula Vista, Ca

Barbara Sherwood (Acevez) '90 |
I am still in Imperial Beach, I am married to Orlando Sherwood and have a daughter Barbarita Gisselle that is eight.I am currently working for the San Diego Padres, and helping my husband with his company. I just want to say hi to everyone!
Wednesday October 13, 2004 11:55 - Imperial Beach, CA

Carlos Hinojosa '03 |
Wednesday October 13, 2004 11:19 - Imperial Beach, CA

Treva Irvine 70 |
Just wanted to say Hi! to all my classmates, who probably thought I was lost forever. I'd like to hear from you. Sure do miss IB. Can't wait for the next reunion so that I may see all of you again. The computer world is fantastic.
Wednesday October 13, 2004 00:27 - Waterloo Ia

Antonio Jimenez |
Graduated UCLA in 02 BA sociology&CCS, minor in marketing, worked as social worker in Omaha for two years but just started working as a Programming/Marketing director for the first spanish tv station in the upper midwest.(Azteca America-Omaha)Yes I miss the IB weather!
Tuesday October 12, 2004 16:03 - Omaha,NE

Timothy Mowery 1984 |
Please submit me to the alumni guest book.
Tuesday October 12, 2004 12:42 - La Quinta, CA

Beatriz Soltero, 2000 |
Hi everyone.. I'm still at Cal State Hayward, and will finish by June 2005. I have changed my major to Sociology with an option in social services. I'm also planning to go to grad school and am having the time of my life in Northern California. Protesting is one of many ways of getting things across to big corporate monsters that just want to drain the money out of the poor. (I'm talking about Bush and Halliburton).. hahaha.. Anyways, I wish everyone a good future.. E-mail me if you want to chat..
Sunday October 10, 2004 23:24 - Hayward, CA/ San Francisco, CA

Mary Simpson(Wilson) 1974 |
Hi evryone I thought the reunion was going to be during the summer but could not get any info and had to take my vaction the end of June. I can not afford to come out again in Oct. so I guess I wont get to everyone, but I did get to see a few of my old friends while I was there. I hope to be at the 35yr. reunion . Love ya all and I miss IB. Mary
Saturday October 9, 2004 22:40 - Cadillac Michigan

Paul White Class of 73 |
Left half way thru senior year to washington, went thru graduation with our class since 2nd grade. Finally getting computer friendly.
Saturday October 9, 2004 21:07 - Washington DC

Crystal Cornwall (Powers) |
Just dropping a line to all. We've moved to Dallas and I am actually loving it. No worries, nothing will replace IB in my heart! Hope everyone's doing great. If anyone has heard from Vikki Walker, please let me know. Last I heard she was in NC and I have been trying to find her. Thanks!
Saturday October 9, 2004 09:40 - Dallas, TX

Lily Hernandez class of 2004 |
hello everyone! im currently attending sdsu, and having a great time there, i miss you guys, class of 2004!!!! where's everyone????? well, if you remember me, please feel free to email me or add me to the msn, i'll be happy to talk to you guys. i also miss mrs. mac, fuerte, nicoloff, jara. i'll be around. bye
class of 2004 rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday October 7, 2004 22:02 - sd

Rebeca Rodriguez c/o 2000 |
just wondering if anyone has heard of or know anything about my good friend MARCO IBARRA c/o "00"
Marco if u read this just wishing u the best and it would be great to hear from you!! email me if u get the chance! Jackie says hi too!!
Thursday October 7, 2004 14:31 - Oceanside, CA

Tony Hernandez C/O 1994 |
Change to email address. I'm sorry that I missed the 10 year reunion. I was recovery from surgery at the time. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing great these days living out here in Sin City. Even though the weather is not as spectacular as CA. I wouldn't trade the fast paced life out here for anything. I'm currently working at the Mandalay Bay, and enjoying every minute of it. Feel free to drop me an email at anytime. Take care and stay safe.
Thursday October 7, 2004 03:17 - Las Vegas NV

Luke De Selm, 1991 |
Hi all! Have finished my MS in Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry and am moving back to the San Diego Area. Will be Working at Pfizer doing medicinal chemistry (drug design and development).
Wednesday October 6, 2004 18:30 - El Cajon

Lauri Gillihan (Theison ) 1974 |
Hi to all,
I just needed to update my email address. I won't make it to the reunion. I am working with Child Protective Services, we have our foster care license and also emergency shelter care for C.P.S. Still married to Randy for 30 yrs. Our son is 23 in the Navy (Submariner) and our daughter is 21.
If anyone knew my older brother Odis Gillihan he passed away in 2002. We surely do miss him.
I hope the reunion is great fun. Hi to all. Take care Lauri
Wednesday October 6, 2004 14:58 - Ukiah, CA

Fidel Sanchez '98 |
Hi everyone! I hope to hear of you soon.
Wednesday October 6, 2004 09:16 - Mexico City

Johanna Harbin (Pope) C/O '96 |
Still here, back in IB. Working for the YMCA. Loving life, traveling everywhere!
No kids yet! Feeling OLD! Love to hear from you!
Monday October 4, 2004 18:29 - Imperial Beach, CA

Cletis Apple Punky (Wray) '57 |
Just wanted to up date E-Mail address.
Monday October 4, 2004 17:18 - Portland, OR

Rosie Lopez Bañuelos Class of '75 |
Still married to the love of my life, Mario. Our 3 girls are doing great. Dalinda (23) is a graduate of Boston University, Erika (22) will graduate from the University of Michigan in December and "Chilly" Rosie (20) is a Junior at Berkeley. Life is great!!!
Saturday October 2, 2004 14:17 - Escondido, CA

Carmen Mendoza, '95 |
I've been married for three years now. I recently had my baby boy Zachary. We bought a house in Arizona and just moved about a month ago. It's not too hot or bad here, but it's not IB.
Friday October 1, 2004 18:00 - Arizona

Rebeca Aguayo 1997 |
Thursday September 30, 2004 18:48 - Los Angeles CA

Heidi Yaskanich 2003 |
Class of 2003 rules forever and ever more. Congradulations to the rest of you guys in graduating from high school. The real world is tough but hang in there you will make it through.
Thursday September 30, 2004 12:16 - San Diego, CA

Ellen Treola Madigan |
Hello old friends. Living in IB. Married to Dave for 23yrs. Two Kids Joshua and Melissa both in college. Drop a line to say hello.
Wednesday September 29, 2004 23:18 - Imperial Beach/ CA

Robert Livingston - C/O 2000 | |
Whats going on Mariners, more importantly the supreme class of double-zero ?! Everything is going well on the homefront - still living within a stone's throw of Seacoast and I'm now working at Regal Entertainment Group's UA Horton Plaza 14 Theaters. I'll move up the chain pretty quick from those of you who remember me killin' time up on the hill at AMC 24. So if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and I might just have to hook you up with some free movie tickets. Still looking around for some of those long-lost pals from back in the day (Schnuck, Ron Risley, Ailia, Tina, Ben & Julie, Roslynn, Josh Fuller, Veronica, Blake & Frankie, etc.) If you guys find this, drop me a line...we need to party!! For the other guys & gals who stayed local - I hope you are all doing OK and e-mail me sometime. We'll go down to the Plank and knock back a few. Everybody take much care and I hope to see more of you guys in the future. Later. - Robby
Tuesday September 28, 2004 18:09 - Imperial Beach, CA

Gabriel Pineiro class of '02 |
Wow, time flies, it has been 2 yrs already. I joined the Navy after high school and have been stationed out here since Mar 03. I just got orders to the DC area and will be out there for 3 yrs. KIT
Tuesday September 28, 2004 15:43 - San Diego, CA

Heidi Yaskanich 2003 |
2003 rules the school and the rest of the years ahead .
Tuesday September 28, 2004 12:53 - Hazleton, PA

Christian Valderrama '97 |
whats up mariners
Monday September 27, 2004 22:55 - imperial ca

Alicia Skidmore, '98 |
Thought I would update my profile abit... I have two boys, one is 4 the other is 3. I work full-time for and attend college full-time.
Monday September 27, 2004 15:44 - Reno, NV

RAUL MACIAS, 94. | |
Monday September 27, 2004 11:57 - LAS VEGAS NV.

Cathy Davis 72 |
Just an e-mail update. Looking for Joan Hopper.
Sunday September 26, 2004 13:36 - Marlborough, MA

Rebeca Rodriguez c/o 2000 |
What's up Mariners! just came through to say hello to everyone and to update my email addy and pix. hope all is well and if you remember me don't hesitate to send me an email! living in Oceanside at the moment but will be returning to IB soon! miss you all!
Sunday September 26, 2004 12:53 - Oceanside, CA

Doug Mack 1977 |
Hello to all of my old friends! send me a message at my e-mail address for more info.
Sunday September 26, 2004 02:42 - Anderson, CA

Guy Mathews, '77 |
Adding email address.
Saturday September 25, 2004 23:49 - San Diego, CA

Dale Wilbur 1974 |
Just dropping in to say "hello" to everyone. Congradulations to Conni and Max on their August wedding!!! I.B. is still one of the coolest places on earth.
Saturday September 25, 2004 23:25 - South San Diego, Calif.

Bob Wilder 56 |
Good to see pictures of classmates. Though i don't resemble old picture, do classify as old. Would enjoy some e-mails and hope to see some in I.B.
Saturday September 25, 2004 22:28 - Redding, Ca.

Holly Byrne C/O '97 |
I'm happily married to my highschool sweetheart Justin McCarrell(C/O'95) for 8 years. We have 4 beautiful children, 8~7~3~1. We live in OK cuz of the ARMY (him) but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Take Care All!
Saturday September 25, 2004 03:10 - Fort Sill, OK

Shirley Sylliaasen Scott - 1952 |
Hi Henry, It's still the best high school website in the nation -- maybe in the world!! Happy Birthday and many, many happy returns. Thanks for all you do for us!!
Saturday September 25, 2004 03:05 - Kenmore, WA

Sandra Dettinger (Jones) '68 |
Hi Henry,

I need to update my email address on the website! I thought I had already done that, but I guess I forgot to! I would also like to update my bio, so please let me know how to go about doing that!

Thanks!Sandra Dettinger (Jones
Friday September 24, 2004 19:55 - The Woodlands, TX

Arturo Fahme and Class of 84 |
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY! This comes from everyone in our class who recently met for our 20 year reunion.
Friday September 24, 2004 12:10

Teresa Wolfe (Michael) 1974 |
Moved back to IB, 3 years ago. Married, 12 years to Jon. Between us we have 3 daughters and a son. My 25 year old son died this year. The youngest is 18 and just graduated from Mar Vista. We have 4 grandchildren.
Friday September 24, 2004 06:11 - Imperial Beach, CA.

Tom and Lori Martel, 67 |
Happy Birthday to our Alumni webmaster!!
Have a good birthday Henry.
Thursday September 23, 2004 23:52

Karen Vollenweider Jacobs Class of '66 |
The Class of 1966 wishes you a very Happy Birthday! Party hearty and remember not to count the years, but DO count the memories! We love ya.
Thursday September 23, 2004 19:13 - Chula Vista, CA.

Emilie Bruhlmeier - Class of 54 |
Hi Henry,

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year. You have the best website ever.

y, Emilie
Thursday September 23, 2004 18:55 - La Mesa, CA

Michelle Morcom 01 |
HAPPY BRITHDAY HENRY!!! I hope you had a wonderful brithday.
Thursday September 23, 2004 15:51 - Lemon Grove, CA

steve skipple 1977 |
I just want to say thanks for putting up this web site!
I was able to find my long lost high school friend after 20 years.
It looks like i'm going to fly down to I.B. in mid october to meet him and see how much has changed since 1977

It's hard to belive that it's been over 20 years since i've been "home"

Thursday September 23, 2004 00:40 - elk grove ca

Cortis Jones, Class of 1972 |
I am already registered but please change my email address and location.

Wednesday September 22, 2004 16:59 - Anchorage Alaska

Larry Henderson 71 |
Please update my e-mail address as [email protected]
net .

Thank you.
Wednesday September 22, 2004 12:24 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Michelle Morcom 01 |
Well the time is almost here for my baby to say Hi to the world. It feel like the last 35 weeks flew by, but at the same time I feel like it's been to long. As of today I have 42 days until my due date.
Wednesday September 22, 2004 11:54 - Lemon Grove

Katie Bowen 1989 |
I would love to hear from anyone from the class of 1989. I miss you all.
Tuesday September 21, 2004 22:25 - San Diego, CA

Gary Evans, 1960 |
Looking for Larry Hagen, class of 60.
Looking for Bruce Brown, class of 60.
Looking for Sing San Change, class of 60.
Tuesday September 21, 2004 15:50 - San Marcos, CA

Olga Abarca (McVey) '92 |
Hello Classes and Teachers of: '90,91,92,93.Im doing pretty good.I worked for HSBC doing investigations.My husband and I got married in Ocho Rios Jamaica.Sean is from Connecticut.We also made investments in Realestate when the Market was HOT!Im happy to inform you that I am now retired as of 8/31/04. My husband received a Government transfer to Vermont.We are moving from California on 11/01/04.We are looking forward to traveling and starting a family. Hope to hear from you if you remember me and if you don't remember me, I will send you pictures..Take care Olga :-)
Tuesday September 21, 2004 12:04 - San Diego, Ca

Mirella Abarca 93 |
Hello everyone hope all is well!!
Monday September 20, 2004 22:03 - Imperial Beach Ca, 91932

Antonio Aguilar 97' |
What's up to everybody, long time no here, well divorced now and in the military. I am a Firefighter up in Washington (State) loving it! If anybody wants to talk or say hello drop me a line or can call at 509-230-7567, lates!
Monday September 20, 2004 19:44 - Spokane WA

Jose Uriarte Class of '90 |
Monday September 20, 2004 17:43 - Los Angeles California

Patty Valadez (Field) '91 |
Graduated SDSU 1997, married 10years have 11 eleven year old son, & work at Employment Development Department.
Sunday September 19, 2004 19:51 - Chula Vista, CA

Mickey Flood , 1976 |
Just stopping bye to say hello from the Pacific Northwest. Also a new email address, [email protected]
Saturday September 18, 2004 22:28 - Bend,OR


[email protected]




Saturday September 18, 2004 21:21 - SAN DIEGO, CA

Frank E Scott Jr., 1964 |
HI to anyone who finds this message.
have lots of good memories and loyal friends so of who I still keep close contact with, Roger Ukenesky, Dennis Becthel, Ron Becthel, Jon Vetcher, Mike Locicero, John and Rick Matkin, Larry Walker, Larry and Lori Wilkins, and I hope if you feel so inclined to , drop me a line on my website.
If someone could tell me more info about the upcoming re-union in 2007 I would be greatful.

signing off your fellow alumni FES
Saturday September 18, 2004 11:45 - Oak Harbor, WA

Nancy Noah (Morrison) 1966 | |
Just writing to update my e-mail address. We have 4 sons, 3 in college, and the oldest working in NYC. Haven't been back to California is quite a while, but still miss the ocean. Terrific website!
Saturday September 18, 2004 11:37 - Fishers, IN

Jose Aspericueta, 1995 |
Hello everyone!! I would like to hear from you all.
Thursday September 16, 2004 22:15 - Chula Vista CA

Monica Delgado (Tapia) c/o 96!!! |
Hello c/o 96:) I know I left one year early before graduating, but my heart was still with many of you.I'm glad to say that I'm still hapily married to Ricardo Tapia c/o 92, we've been together for 12 yrs & have two beatiful daughters Natalie 9yrs & Andrea 1yr. We live near the high scool in I.B. I work in the Sweetwater Union High School District. I miss you all very dearly, high school was the best time of my life.Karla,Mimi,Diana
,Aide,Teresa,Beto, Ruben,Memo anyone who remembers me please email me;) Love You All C/O 96!!
Thursday September 16, 2004 16:18 - Imperial Beach, CA

Lynne Jeffries, 1964 |
Retired from the University of California, San Diego. Working part-time in a CPA office.
Thursday September 16, 2004 12:55 - Laguna Niguel, California

Crystal Dennen 2004 |
I never had the pleasure of being in full time enrollment at Mar Vista. I was always in the learning center. But I had some great time there and met some very awsome people. I got to do the news letter and i also participated in the Maritime Technolagies Class. The two years that I was at Mar Vista was deffinatly unforgetable. Thanks to Ms Schreier who made my experience at that school so great, and for getting on me to do what I needed to do to graduate on time.
Thursday September 16, 2004 05:39 - Imperial Beach, CA

Carlos Calderon, '89 |
Happily married and expecting my first child.
Thursday September 16, 2004 01:34 - San Diego, CA

Claudia A. Sandoval (Garcia), '84 |
Married for 15 yrs, doing great! have 3 kids. Great memories at MVHS. A big hug & kiss to all the KOOL KATS.
Wednesday September 15, 2004 13:44 - Las Vegas, NV

Freda Abrams (Jones) - 1969 |
I just want to say how much I enjoyed our 35-year Reunion in August, and I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you who spent so much time and effort to make the Reunion possible.
Tuesday September 14, 2004 00:27 - El Cajon, CA

Debi Sue Carver 71 |
Living clean and sober for over 11 years. Amazing!!! Married 3 times 3rd time is a charm. Have 2 children,Mara and Stan. Mara graduated from MV. She is living in El Cajon married with 1 son. I am happily married 10 years in Jan. I met him in IB. I'm working in the retail world at Macys. Been in Reno for over 10 yrs. Hi everybody. Kathy Steinhower are you out there?
Monday September 13, 2004 22:09 - Reno/Nv

Darla Peterson ( Mathis) C/O 96 |
Well I suppose i should update this thing! Shaun and I are living in SD with our 3 kiddos 8, 5 , and 4 months !! Anyone that remebers us and wants to get a hold of us drop a line :)
Monday September 13, 2004 14:04 - SanDiego

Jeannie Gorum '93 |
Just had a baby in may. This makes my 4th baby. Hope everyone is ok. I'm doing great in NC. ttyl. Any one who remembers me send me an email some time
Sunday September 12, 2004 19:33 - Jacksonville, NC

Terry Agbunag |
Would you please update my class index message?
We are still living in IB. We came back from South Carolina a few years ago, but I never could seem to figure out how to change my class index message. My oldest son is 16 and a junior at Mar Vista. This is my second year coaching football at Mar Vista. I’m working with another Mar Vista alumni John Barnett (82). We are working with the JV, and we have won the first two games 29-0 (Crawford) and 28-0 (Kearney).
Saturday September 11, 2004 09:30 - Imperial Beach

Vickie Tingle (Messerschmidt) |
just wanted to update e-mail address. Hi Cindy Wood.
Friday September 10, 2004 12:20 - Greenwood, Mississippi

Webmaster comments   Vickie or Cindy whom ever you are. You left a bad email address. Cant respond to you.

Mariana (Gay) Hughes 1990 |
Hello Mariners,
As a former Mariner, resident of the South Bay, and a teacher for the Sweetwater District, I want to ask you to help elect Stan Canaris, a former Dean of Activities at Mar Vista, to the School Board. If you remember how dedicated Stan was to the kids at MVH and would like to get involved, PLEASE CONTACT ME! or visit Our students need Stan!
Friday September 10, 2004 01:02 - Chula Vista, Ca

Lydia Rael (Martinez) 1990 |
Henry...How do I add a photo to my pic & please update my info.: "Married Jaime M. from Montgomery ('90) in 1995. I now have a baby boy, Jacob,after trying for 5yrs. Currently a stay-at-home mommy. If anyone remembers me & wants to chat, email me!"
Thursday September 9, 2004 16:52 - La Mesa, Ca

Dianne Hicks Simpson Class 1967 |
Life is Great! Our adventure was over in 1992, we retired from the Navy & moved to Tenn. Married to Ken for 35 years, we have 2 childern plus we adopted our granddaughter who is now 10.
Would love hearing from Ya'all.
Thursday September 9, 2004 08:04 - Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee

Julie Miller (Littlefield) 76 |
Was married for 18 wonderful years to a great guy who has since been called home to be with our Lord. Love living in Maine with my two beautiful daughters Sarah 18 and Angela 16. God Bless!!!
Wednesday September 8, 2004 23:06 - Wells, Maine

Carrie Hey C/O |
Just moved back to San Diego from Minnesota lived ther 6 years, sure am glad to be home. No more cold winters..
I have 1 boy Omar Jr. 5 yrs. old, not yet married.. Would love to hear from old friends to see how you guys are doing.. Email me at my new email address ([email protected])
Wednesday September 8, 2004 18:19 - San Diego, Ca.

Kathy Curtis/Dackermann 1985 |
Hello everyone, how are you doing these days? I'm living up here in Julian with my husband and 4 of my 5 kids (his,mine,& ours)3 girls 2 boys. My oldest just graduated from MV this past June.(she stayed behind w/my parents 2 finish school. Can't blame her. Who wouldn't want to graduate from MV?)Like mother like daughter. Can you believe we are all old enough to have children that old? It's funny when my daughter mentions a last name of a fellow classmate, I have to ask is their parents name .......? I know their mom or dad. Drop me a line or 2. Lots of love to you all, take care and don't be square!
Monday September 6, 2004 21:59 - Julian, Ca

Mark Ringius 71 |
Henry, would you please update my E-mail address. Thanks Mark
Monday September 6, 2004 18:22 - Port Angeles, WA

Freda Meyers, '70 |
Looks like we need more 1970 alumni people. I only spent my senior year there but it was one of the best memories in my early years. I remember being a part of breaking the dress code so that girls could where pants to school. We did it!! Now look what they can wear. 70's do RULE!!! I still live locally in the South Bay area. I'm on the management team as a supervisor for Rite Aid Drugs.I have three children, two who have already graduated from MVHS Angela in 2002 and Stephen in 2004. I have one more girl who's just starting as a freshman in highschool. The rest of my brothers and sisters also went to MVHS, Dorthy class of 72 Emily class of 74, Milton, and John Meyers. Hope to hear some feedback.
Friday September 3, 2004 10:50 - San Diego, CA

RaeAnne 95 |
would love to see pics from the 10 yr reunion class of 94" if anyone has any.
Thursday September 2, 2004 10:01 - mustang,OK

Leesa Meyerott (Andrews) 94 |
Hi Everyone! I just want to say it was so awsome to see everyone at our 10 year. Wish more people would have shown but it was nice to see you all. I decided to change my career path and now get to spend more time with my 3 year old and work part-time at North County Ford. Love it!! Less stress. Hope you are doing well and see you soon

God Bless
Tuesday August 31, 2004 21:06 - Escondido

Moises Coronado class of 2004 |
it's me; i'm here! weres everyone at?
Tuesday August 31, 2004 17:55 - Imperial Beach, Ca

Mike Mendoza class of 2004 |
checking out the website for my first time. but i don't really see lots of people from the class of 2004, weres everyone at? if you remember me feel free to e-mail me.
Monday August 30, 2004 21:45 - Imperial Beach, Ca

Lisa Salazar (White), '83 |
Just celebrated 17 years of marriagein June. We have a beautiful daughter who just turned 16 and is driving. She is a junior at Marian Catholic.
Monday August 30, 2004 01:39 - Chula Vista, CA

Olivia Galeana (Evans) co '94 |
My amazing husband, Josh and i live in Naples, Italy with our 2 adorable boys. Jacob 2 years and Don 7months. We miss San Diego very much and can't wait to come home for good.
Monday August 30, 2004 01:19 - Naples, Italy

Jennifer Richardson 2000 |
Hey! Just checking in to see if any of my friends have signed in. I am currently working on my Social Work degree at Southwestern College. I should be transfering to SDSU in a little over a year or so to work on my Social Work Bachelor! If anyone who remembers me feels like chatting then email me! Miss you all.
Sunday August 29, 2004 20:08 - San Diego Ca

Julie Anderson Byrd 1967 |
Richard Byrd and I just wanted to say hi to everyone. We're already looking forward to our 2007 reunion. Note our new e-mail address [email protected]
You can also contact Richard Anderson, Asa Lee Anderson, Jr. (now Alan Lee Anderson), Nora Anderson and John Byrd through this e-mail address. We love to hear from you. Take care, Julie and Richard
Sunday August 29, 2004 00:35 - Lewisburg, West Virginia

Sean Berry 92 |
Just got back from Iraq and getting ready to go back. Plus who is the guy you have pictured. It is not me!
Saturday August 28, 2004 10:47 - Ft. Stewart, GA

Jesus Kamber '00 |
Well if you remember me, every one called me Chuy. I don't even think anyone really knew my real name. well...anyways I'm married now have two kids and i've been in the Marine Corps for the past 4 years and i'm making a carrer out of it.
Friday August 27, 2004 13:42 - San Ysidro

Sheryl Quinones (Sanchez) '89!!! |
Henry, Can you please update my email address. Thanks
Thursday August 26, 2004 16:08 - Chula Vista

Rose Acuna (Mendez) 1959 |
dear henry,
you have my email address wrong next to my picture.can you please change it.thank you.
rose 59'
Wednesday August 25, 2004 19:26 - San Diego, CA

i've been the Marine Corps for five years now, i just reenlisted for another four years.i served in iraq last year and i'm set to go back real soon.just want to say whats crackin to all my boy's and ladies. hopefully i'll hear from some of you before i go back to the sand.peace
Wednesday August 25, 2004 19:02 - SAN DIEGO C.A.

Lucinda Ann Caldwell (Mello) 1976 |
To old friends, I only recently learned about this website from a student at SDSU who graduated in 1985. I've been married x 27 years, and have three children (two in college,one at Concordia,Irvine and the other at Columbia-Bernard, NY). I worked 25 years as an RN at Kaiser Hospital, Zion Ave, and will start the credential program at SDSU to become K-8 teacher in Jan. 2005. I'd love to help get a reunion going for 1975-76 grads! Love, Lucinda
Wednesday August 25, 2004 12:59 - Spring Valley, CA

Joe Oriente (Randall) 1991 |
married in '94...2 kids Chloe and Charlie...took my grandfather's last name in '02...doing web designs and audio production
Tuesday August 24, 2004 17:05 - Seattle, WA

Linda Dassow (Lebahn) 1990 |
Married ten years now divorced.I have two little girls ages six and two.Life is great hope to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Monday August 23, 2004 23:17 - Chula Vista, CA

Meida Lopez c/o2003 |
Currently attending SDSU, Hope to see all Mv staff soon :)C/O 2003 still Rules
Monday August 23, 2004 21:49 - San Ysidro, Ca

Cinthya Lizeth Paredes c/o 2005 |
Clase 2005 es de lo mejor:)!!
Monday August 23, 2004 21:46 - San Ysidro Ca

Russell Jenks '87 |
I miss I.B. alot, I do visit twice a year. I have a great job, I'm happy in Vegas. Just got married.
Saturday August 21, 2004 21:22 - Las Vegas, NV

Michelle Bent l970 |
Class of 1970- would love to hear from you
Friday August 20, 2004 22:29 - San Diego, CA

Patty Pierce (Moore) '85 |
(Henry could you add this to the class index, please?)
We were living overseas for a long time, but we have moved back to the States, and have settled in Colorado. My husband is retiring from the USAF, and is going to start working for a civilian company here in Colorado Springs. Our daughters are in 4th, 7th and 10th grades and are all getting used to life in America. If you know me, feel free to write. :o)
Friday August 20, 2004 21:32 - Colorado Springs, CO

Margo Budde (Helton) '67 |
I'd love to hear from you if you remember me.
Friday August 20, 2004 06:49 - Kingsland, GA

Mary Wyckoff (Coates) class of 1979 |
Just want to say hi to all, hope to contact some classmates.
Friday August 20, 2004 00:40 - Imperial Beach, CA

Jocelyn Molina (Greves), '92 |
Happliy married with 2 kids, now ages 6 and 4. Still in Austin, but can't wait to move back to I. B. (someday)!
Thursday August 19, 2004 14:45 - Austin, TX

Elizabeth Jackson ('95) |
Where did the time go?!
Wednesday August 18, 2004 23:50 - Valley Village, California

Bill Nimmo (1981) |
Updating my e-mail since Henry never responds ;-).
Wednesday August 18, 2004 15:19 - Chula Vista CA

Roxanna Bradford 67 |
Hello Everyone..It's been an interesting ride so far. Moved to OB in the early 70's. Ocean called me west. Moved to the Big Island of Hawaii with my 2 sons as a divorce' in 1980. Met my Husband after living there 11 years.We moved back to the mainland in 99. Culture Shock !!!! Aloha Mariners, Love Y'all .
Tuesday August 17, 2004 22:02 - Mountainburg, Arkansas

Randea Lavan (Mahanke) 1967 |
Updating email address. Moved to AZ Nov '03.
Tuesday August 17, 2004 20:03 - Chino Valley AZ

Vanessa Arce (HIlario) 95 |

Tuesday August 17, 2004 18:08 - Imperial Beach, Ca

Jeff Wallis Class of 76' | |
Still alive and well here in lovely Yuma Arizona LOL! Just returned from 2 weeks vacation in IB at my Mom's! Still married with 2 lovely daughters Dana and Blanche. Still fightin' fires and have 4 years till I retire. Running 2 small website business on the side when Im not on duty at the firehouse. Looking forward to the 2006 reunion. Stop in at Randy Chase's website and say hello @http://www.ibhistory
.com talk to ya later. Jeff
Monday August 16, 2004 19:43 - Yuma, Arizona

Max Benham 1973 |
I just married Conni Cotter Aug. 7, 2004. I have two lovely daughters, Carly and Chelsea, and two wonderful grandchildren; Destiny age 2 and Kaiden, 5 mo., and three great step-children. I have my own general contracting business and also work as a union carpenter when not writing music and a novel.
Monday August 16, 2004 07:36 - IB/CA

Evangelina Machado 1990 |
I have been married for 4 years. I have 2 children. Justin 3 and Ashley 1.I graduated from Long Beach State. Im still running all the time!
Sunday August 15, 2004 22:54 - Long beach, CA

Debbie Brooks 1976 |
Looking for sister from San Diego/Imperial CA area. Debbie Brooks, deceased in 1985(?). any info would be appreciated! Thanks, C Atkins
Sunday August 15, 2004 20:10 - San Diego, CA

Javier Gamala c/o 84 |
Last night was our 20th year reunion and it was a success. It was really nice to see some of the people I hadnt seen in years. Hope to see every one again on Homecoming.
Sunday August 15, 2004 14:28 - Chula Vista

Barbie Hey ( Adams) '83 |
Living in South Carolina since 1988.Happily married 16 yrs to Craig(lefty!) with 2 boys..Austin(16) and Daniel(2)Stay @ home mom at this time!
Saturday August 14, 2004 14:02 - Rock Hill, SC

Denise Hunter (Flores) c/o 99 |
Just accepted into the School of Education at Pacific Lutheran University!! Ready to start the swim season for the 04-05 school year, as well as waiting for the hubby to return home from Iraq.
Saturday August 14, 2004 11:49 - Kent, WA

Liliana Robles 1995 |
How do you post a picture on here??????? Also, i have a new email address. [email protected]
Hope everyone is doing good.
Friday August 13, 2004 20:27 - Imperial Beach CA

Charlie Hicks '80 |
Just logged on to change my e-mail address. Everything is going great hello to all mariners.
Thursday August 12, 2004 21:33 - Pearland, TX

Wondering from 1996
Does anyone know what happened to Sarah Craig, c/o 1996? I had such a crush on her! Thanks!
Thursday August 12, 2004 18:52 - San Diego

Michelle Morcom 01 |
I'm volunteering for a nonprofit organization for teenagers and preparing for the next 12 weeks when my baby boy is suppose to come. Being pregant is a real experience.
Thursday August 12, 2004 17:13 - Lemon Grove, CA

Patricia Palmer Hutchins (1977) |
Hi Guest Book, Love the new format. Easier to read. We recently moved to Ramona and bought a farm so we could have all our rescued animals at home. Alot of work but the animals and the family seem to be adjusting nicely. We have a 2nd granddaughter who is 15 months now. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding Anniversary in February 05. Hello to all our friends who we miss alot so please email when you get a chance. Support our troops and keep them in your prayers.
Thursday August 12, 2004 15:17 - Ramona, Ca

Jerry Jamison '69 | |
After college, moved into a commune for 6 years. Have had an advertising agency for the past 20 years. Married to Karen with 4 kids between us and 2 grandchildren. Active at EastLake Community Church
Thursday August 12, 2004 00:37 - Chula Vista, CA

Jennifer Camden (Fry) 2001 |
Enjoying the married life. Still live in the south bay. In the process of buy a house and starting a family. I work at a car dealership $$$$$$ and I love it. Can't wait to go back to school so I can own the dealership. See you all in a few years.
Wednesday August 11, 2004 23:57 - Chula Vista, CA

Sylvia Quinonez (Lopez) '84 |
Doing great! Married for 13 years to Manuel, we have two beautiful girls, Vanessa & Ariana. We live in Chula Vista. Working in the Dental Buisness.

Great memories class of '84!:)
Wednesday August 11, 2004 22:00 - Chula Vista, CA

Susan Richards (Lopez) 76 |
Updated E-Mail address!
Wednesday August 11, 2004 18:23 - Bonita, Ca

Christine Smith (Doty) |
Hi all,
Bob Fountain and I had 3 boys, all are married, two have kids, boy & girl. I'm selling real estate and very happily married and living in Vegas.
Love Chris
Wednesday August 11, 2004 15:59 - Henderson, NV

Carol Crosby 1955 |
been widowed for 2 years, have 14 grands and 21 great grands, would have graduated 1955, but got married,was married just under 50 years.
Wednesday August 11, 2004 11:52 - San Diego CA

Sylvia Qunionez (Lopez)'84 |
Hi everyone,hope to see you all at the reunion of '84!:)How exciting!

P.S.My picture is with the wrong name it says "Trisha,it should be Sylvia Qunionez."
Tuesday August 10, 2004 21:54 - Chula Vista, CA

Sharie Reynolds-Saterstad C/O 98 |
I want to share with everyone that my husband and I are expecting our first baby! Our baby is due March 9, 2005.

Sharie :)
Tuesday August 10, 2004 14:45 - Hershey, PA

Ricardo Sawyer, 1974 |
I wanted to know if the 30 year reunion for MVHS 1974 has happened or would happen. I moved in my junior year and really do not know hardly anyone for West Covina High in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles (2 weeks reunion). I remember Mr. Guidry in Geometry, Coach Aubuchon in cross country & Track, Mr. Smull, Coach Brockett Soccer, Mr. Gailband, Mrs. Martinez "only French", Ms Whitacre who was a kind lady. Where did they go? I was on page 168 in Reflections, '73. Any info would be appreciated. I really knew more people there since I also went to MV junior high. Thank you.
Tuesday August 10, 2004 02:11 - Rancho Cucamonga, California

Candice Monte 2001 |
Just wanted to look around, see who all is still around. Plus email changed, not that anyone's gonna really notice, but hey, someone might. Went to New York City and back. It was great. Yup. Check back with you guys later! Snoochie Boochies!
Tuesday August 10, 2004 01:58 - imperial Beach/ California

Victor H. Lopez, 84 |
Doing well, married w/ 3 kids. Architecture Business.
Monday August 9, 2004 19:27 - Chula Vista

Margie Abrams l967 |
I married Marshall Parker in l967; we have 4 children and 8 grandkids. We owned a dairy farm for 25 years in Greenbrier, AR, but now we have a 675 acre beef ranch.I'm sure no one expected the class valedictorian to end up on a farm in Arkansas, but it is a good life.
Sunday August 8, 2004 22:49 - Greenbrier, AR

Carla Sommermeyer '75 |
Updated information: I'm now a college student, working on a degree to teach elementary school and should graduate Jan. 2006. 2 grown children, Andy and Carlie. Getting a divorce so am single (and learning how to be single) for the first time since 1974.
Sunday August 8, 2004 14:48 - Grand Junction, CO

Kathy Perez, '95 |
Hi everyone! I am now married and have a 3 month old baby girl. Hope everyone is doing great!
Sunday August 8, 2004 01:37 - Chula Vista (Eastlake), CA

Butch Pasimio 1986 |
Married for 12 years and have a daughter (Jenna-6)and a son(Shane-2). Graduated from Long Beach State and working as a firefighter. Living in OC.
Saturday August 7, 2004 23:19 - Cypress/CA

daniela Bonillas c/o 99 |
Hello everyone hope you guy are doing great I know I am I just came back from a 18mo tour in Iraq and I am living it with my baby girl see you guys soon
Saturday August 7, 2004 02:52 - Los Angeles CA

Lili Montano '05 |
It's Great To be a Senior!!!
Friday August 6, 2004 23:25 - San Ysidro

Roy Sands |
It is good to hear from people back at home. I will be coming home for good at the end of next year. I get to finally retire from my current occupation, and I look forward to my second half of life as a civilian. I will be residing in Bakersfield, CA unless some unfortunate events keep me away longer than expected. I will not be there for the reunion in October, but I wish everyone the best of times.
Friday August 6, 2004 05:50 - Fort Drum, NY

Juan Castruita 1995 |
A big hello to all c/o 95 Mariners. Life is good, see you at the reunion.
Thursday August 5, 2004 15:14 - San Diego, California

Fran Preciado 87 |
Remeber me? It's been a long time. I'm still in IB, I'm a vet. tech working at the zoo.
Thursday August 5, 2004 11:08 - Imperial Beach

Nydia Montañez 2003 |
Where's everyone from the class of '03?? Well I hope everyone is doing fine just like me, I am attending UCSD and will major in Psychology. Dont forget to keep in touch, if we knew each other, feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]
Buh bye
Thursday August 5, 2004 03:31 - Chula Vista, California

Lani Shanefelt (Labitan) '95 |
Hey '95ers! Just in case you didn't know Nina (Henderson) and I had a meeting with the reunion planning company this weekend. What we need for you alll to do is email us your addresses and addresses of fellow classmates so that we may contact as may people as we can! Please send your info to [email protected]
m. Please pass this message along!
Tuesday August 3, 2004 21:10 - Chula Vista, CA

Mariann (Henderson) Fasciola '70 |
I have pictures of the IB pier when it had 2 arms!! and the Long Juan's restaurant made from the pilings of the do I send them??
Monday August 2, 2004 11:58 - Sierra Vista, AZ

Diane Rambeau |
just wanted to change e-mail addrress
Sunday August 1, 2004 19:26 - Chula Vista, Ca

Rafael Padilla 1984 |
how can I edit my profile here??
Saturday July 31, 2004 16:20 - San Diego , California

Christina Lee, '84 |
Class of 84 is meeting on Saturday, August 14th at Rock Bottom Brewery on 4th St. at 6pm. We hope to see you there!
Thursday July 29, 2004 17:26 - Mission Viejo

Letty Aguayo (Barraza) 94 |
Hello Mariners! Just want to publicly acknowledge and thank the web master for all his hard work in keeping us in contact with each other. Personally I would like to thank him for informing the Class of 94 about our reunion this year. Thank you so much Henry! We really appreciate it!
Thursday July 29, 2004 17:07 - Chula Vista, CA

Patrick Speer 84 |
Still living in IB. Not going anywhere, this is a great little town.
Thursday July 29, 2004 14:50 - Imperial Beach, Ca

Shannon Kavli Class of 1994 |
Hello. Just letting the class of 94 knoe where i am now.
Wednesday July 28, 2004 17:28 - Grand Forks, North Dakota

Don Harmon class of 71 |
well here i am again in stormy N.M just wanting to say hi to all my classmates also when we have our reunion could someone e-mail me with the info PLEASE also does anyone have any info on Mike Whitt Oscar Gilkey Dale Soithwick if so e-mail me or have do so thanks and everyone enjoy
Wednesday July 28, 2004 16:05 - Edgewood N.M

Rhonda Donley (Ingolia) 1980 |
Happily married for 14 years to the greatest man in the world..2 great kids..son 9 and daughter 13. Moved to KY from CA in 1998 for career. I would love to talk about old times!!! Email me!!
Tuesday July 27, 2004 12:21 - Florence, KY

Veronica Patino( Sandoval) class of 91 |
I'm currently married with 3 kids (12,9, and 5) Living in Los Angeles but currently staying in San Diego with family for the Summer. if anyone from class of 91 is out there drop me a line.
Monday July 26, 2004 19:08 - San Diego, CA

Rubi Dominguez, 2002 |
Hey Raza!!! I'm doing great, I'm joining the Navy. If you remember me, and want to talk to me send me an e-mail.
Monday July 26, 2004 18:46 - Sierra Vista, AZ

Crystal Cornwall (Powers) 95 |
Rooz, I just wanted to thank you for your mentioning Orel. I was actually just talking about him this morning. He is missed. HENRY, I found a picture of Micah Tabares, would you like it?
Sunday July 25, 2004 20:41 - San Diego/CA

Trishelana Borja 1994 |
Still living here in S.D. and having fun being single.
Saturday July 24, 2004 01:49 - San Diego, CA

Christine Duarte (Castaneda), '84 |
I married in '92 to a CPHS graduate and have two children, Isa (12/96) & Nico (6/99). I've been a stay-at-home mom since 2000 and loving it. I have such great memories of MVHS. Hope to see you soon at our 20th.
Friday July 23, 2004 23:36 - Chula Vista, CA

Michelle Jerome, 1986 | |
Please update my email address to [email protected]
Thursday July 22, 2004 22:59 - Chula Vista, CA

Karen Barnes 1976 |

Thursday July 22, 2004 22:46 - Wildomar, CA

Olivia Galeana (Evans) 1994 |
My husband Josh and I live in Nalpes, Italy with our two sons. Jacob two years and don 6 months. I'm here in S.D. for the summer. can't wait to see you all at the reunion.
Thursday July 22, 2004 01:39 - naples, italy

Phyllis Gregory (McClanahan) 1966 | |
Live is great in I.B. After retiring for 7 years, I went back to work a year ago for Jorge Cruise. He's the 8 Minutes in the Morning guy you may have seen on TV or in magazines. Have a 7 year old granddaughter and two new grandsons 5/6/04 and 7/17/04. Still a lot of MVHS grads around the beach. Henry the new look is awesome, thanks for all your hard work.
Wednesday July 21, 2004 11:28 - Imperial Beach, CA

Christine Martin 2001 |
Hey class of '01! I haven't been on here in a while, so I thought I'd drop a line. I'm off to Lancaster, CA in about a month for my second year of ministry school (major: church ministries). I had a rocky start after graduation, but now I'm on the right track. If any of you remember me, e-mail me!!
Wednesday July 21, 2004 10:21 - Imperial Beach, CA

Pedro Ruvalcaba, 1982 |
Still live local and single , but working in a foreign and exciting country.
Tuesday July 20, 2004 23:20 - San Diego, CA

Angela Militante (Criswell), '95 |
Hi all! Well I'm very happily married to a gorgeous Christian man (praise the Lord!) named Logan, and we share a beautiful two year old son named Milo. Logan is currently stationed in Japan with the US Navy, and Milo and I will be joining him there in September of this year. I'm exactly where I want to be, and am blessed all the more to be there with my husband and my son. Hope everyone else is just as well. Drop a note, let's catch up!!
Tuesday July 20, 2004 20:25 - Imperial Beach/ CA

Genie Adamson '95 |
Hope everyone is doing well! I am now living in Phoenix. The company I work for relocated there. Take care all!
Tuesday July 20, 2004 17:39 - Phoenix, AZ

Jennifer Wood (Amador) '92 |
Recently left sunny San Diego for the desert heat of Vegas. My hubby, 2 kids, and I are doing great here.
Tuesday July 20, 2004 11:35 - Las Vegas

Angela Militante (Criswell), '95 |
Hi former classmates! Wow, I didn't even know this site existed, I love it! What an awesome way to keep in touch. If any class of 95ers are interested in chattin', drop me a note! I'd love to hear from you.
Tuesday July 20, 2004 00:45 - Imperial Beach, CA

Karl Reber 75 |
Just curious to see who's there
Monday July 19, 2004 19:27 - Portland Missouri


Rooz Bahjat |
Greetings all, just went through our class index ('92) and saw no mention of Orel Davis -- as you all know, Orel was murdered just a short while after our graduation, it would be nice to have his picture with the rest of our class as a tribute to a kid who brought joy and laughter to us all. Orel was a good kid, it's sad how hed had to leave us so soon, he is truly missed by his friends.
Monday July 19, 2004 06:19 - Iraqi-Kurdistan

Cyndi Davis 1988 |
Hey Everyone, LONG time no talk, Life is good, Email is a great way to say HI! Nice to see you are still around Eddie Paje!
Sunday July 18, 2004 01:20 - Moline, IL

Mariann (Henderson) Fasciola, '70 |
I've been married for 26 years to (a VERY patient) Tony Fasciola; we've got 2 kids, grown & gone. Our daughter (25 in '04) is married, in the Army in Germany, had a baby on My 4, 2004. Our son (21 in '04) is working with the mentally challenged and struggling to make it out in the REAL world. Both are great kids and much maturer than their age counterparts. It's a hard life out there! As some of you know, I played in the Army and was medically retired back in '85. VA helped me get my Master's in Professional Counseling in 2002 but am still working as a Directorate Secretary until I can retire and work where God needs me. BUT if you know of a job in the Government that needs me, let me know :) God Bless!!
Saturday July 17, 2004 10:10 - Sierra Vista, AZ

Bill Cudog 70' |
Updating my e-mail. Hope all classmates are doing well !
Thursday July 15, 2004 18:09 - San Diego, Ca.

Chip Walston, 1973 |
My family and I are now living in the Columbus, Ohio area.
Thursday July 15, 2004 12:56 - Westerville, Ohio

Maria Santana , '70 |
Teacher, Sweetwater Union High School District.
Tuesday July 13, 2004 18:40 - Chula Vista, CA

Eddie Paje (1990) |
How do I get added to my class category? Please let me know. Otherwise, I'm doing well. I will be done with my Masters in May 2005, and currently work at SDSU in Student Affairs. Hope to hear from someone from the class of '90.
Tuesday July 13, 2004 15:56 - San Diego, CA

Michelle Morcom 2001 |
Can anyone tell me how Ryner died?
Monday July 12, 2004 21:29 - Lemon Grove

frank C. Power 72 | |
Looking to find some old friends and talk about old times and new times.

Also, need to know how to post my picture and name on this board?
Monday July 12, 2004 19:45 - Imperial Beach, Ca.

Jill Breen (Ames) 90 |
New Email is [email protected]
Monday July 12, 2004 15:38 - Garden City, MI

Sean Breen 89 |
New Email address is [email protected]
Monday July 12, 2004 15:35 - Garden City, Mi

Lisa Schiff 1974 | |
Hi All...

Reunion Time.... slowly but surely we're finding old class mates... would love to see all of you in October!

Please drop me a line or check out the web-page for the reunion... also there is info here in the Information Pages -Reunions...

Sunday July 11, 2004 18:04 - San Diego, CA (paradise)

Dara (Ismay) Swathwood '79 |
Just a quick to update my email and let everyone know we moved to Jacksonville, FL. Dave is still deployed on the Stennis, so I'll be returning in Oct for that. Bought a house out here and his next job is here as well, we are planning on staying. Prices are way too high and the traffic is a nightmare in SD...its sad that it has turned out exactly like we never wanted...just like LA! Email if you are in the area.Are we having a 30th reunion class of 1979??? Let me know!! Y'all come down ya hear...(that is southern for goodbye!)
Sunday July 11, 2004 12:08 - Jacksonville, Fl

Bernard Cornwall '70 |
Remember the dress code sit -in demenstration in front of the school? And why did we have to suit-n-tie for year book pictures? What happened to the three "R's"? Good times!
Saturday July 10, 2004 21:31 - 1104 9th, Imp. Bch., Calif.

Vicki Milam (Hovind) 83 |
Hello Everybody, I just wanted to say Hi and see if I hear from anybody. Life is good, I am married and have one daughter, Roxy is 10 years old and so precious.

Take Care,

Saturday July 10, 2004 16:07 - San Diego, Ca.

Kristin Pickett. 2007 |
Class of 2007 rules
Friday July 9, 2004 18:51 - San Diego, CA

Dave Wilkins 67 |
Just in case anyone tried to get in touch, my e-mail address has changed to [email protected]
mil. Class of 67' Ruled!
Friday July 9, 2004 16:11 - Imperial Beach

Rafael Ramirez 01 |
Still In The Army Got a Year Left And Ready To Go Back Home. Been To Afgahnistan And Iraq And Made It Back. Drop Me A Line Or Call Me 829-6293 Would Love To Hear From Peaople Back Home. And If Your Wondering Yes Im Single Once More. Peace
Friday July 9, 2004 14:39 - Fort Bragg NC

kathleen (kathy) burnett c/o 96 |
just wanted to update: i am no longer in the out in june '04. i spent 5 years in the navy and met some pretty wonderful people. i am back in san diego and am going to southwestern to complete the forensics portion of my degree. after that, i'm still planning on going to the police academy and becoming a police officer. anyone remember me, feel free to email me.
Friday July 9, 2004 11:46 - san diego, ca

Ingrid Hayes '84 |
I would like anybody with reunion info to please e-mail me please.

Wednesday July 7, 2004 23:30 - Spring Valley, CA

Rosa Villa (Amaya) |
Just checking if anybody is out there, from class of 89....
Wednesday July 7, 2004 18:49 - San Diego

Karla Martin, '04 | everyoe that knows me. How's everyone? Espero que se encuentren bien todos mis compitas y que no se olviden de mi que los quiere mucho ok Se cuidan OK. BYE. K.I.T.
Wednesday July 7, 2004 18:35 - San Diego, Ca.

Rafael Fontes, 95 |
Doing really well.
Traveling alot.
Family man.
Wednesday July 7, 2004 18:20 - San Diego, CA

Monica Islas C/O'99
Hi everyone! Now living in Lakeside with my fiance, Kevin. Going to be married on February 6, 2005. Hope everyone is doing well.
Wednesday July 7, 2004 14:58 - Lakeside, CA

Angelica Rocha 97 |
Hi Every1 just thouht I wld drop a few lines and stay in air condition for a minute or two, I am in vegas been here 2 yrs now looking @ condos to buy I am no longer wrking for a preschool I now wrk for a pay day loan company I wrk with the D.A on behalf of our company to prosucute those who take our money and run (thats the best discribtion I can come up with) iin actuality I am just a creditor with power to take peoples paychecks, houses and cars I love it besides that nothing new has occurred. Jusst wrking all the time. I hope evry1 had a great 4th of july, Love alway ME
Tuesday July 6, 2004 23:58 - LAS VEGAS NV

Mike Mullen 68 |
Just to say hi to everyone!
Tuesday July 6, 2004 12:44 - Yuma, AZ

Eibar Fonseca C/O 2001 |
Currently in the Army for 3 years went to Afhganistan and Iraq and hopefully not anymore. Not married enjoying single life,will be going to Germany or back to SD in 1 year
Monday July 5, 2004 22:55 - Fort Bragg, NC

Bob Faucher (74') |
This is just to let all who knew him that my Friend & Brother Bill Faucher Class of 71' Passed away in Feb. 2004.
He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.
Monday July 5, 2004 19:26 - Memphis, TN

Wendy Melissa Oropeza 2002 |
i will always remember my high school years there were the best.
Saturday July 3, 2004 20:01 - Chula Vista, CA

Wenda Agbunag 1987 |
Just a little message to say hi to everybody. My daughter KC is 9 years old now and we are doing fine. I finally received my degree making up for all those lost years. Still living by the beach, and been working at the golf course for six years and also working with custom golf awards.
Thursday July 1, 2004 23:38 - Imperial Beach CA

Luis Perez (02') | |
Still alive....!!!Just check back up with my classmates,if anyone one is interested in keeping in touch here's my [email protected] just been hangn' out having a good time,make sure to check me out on 92.5fm
also during the xman's sunday night Oldie show 5pm-8pm
hope to hear from you..peace,love and respect
Thursday July 1, 2004 00:01 - San Ysidro