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Posted by : Henry (Webmaster)
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Date/Time : Wed 02/11/2015 at 01:23pm
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subject : The Anchor restoration project

Dear Mr. Ascasio,

On behalf of the Sweetwater Union High School District and Mar Vista High School, I would like to thank you for your efforts in getting the anchor returned to its rightful location in front of the school. Unfortunately, it does not appear that your wish to restore the original brick marquee can be realized at this time. After attending several district meetings regarding the use of bond money, meeting with our ex-principal Mr. Wes Braddock, our current principal Mr. Juan Gonzalez, the Mar Vista Alumni Association, and our current student body president, it appears that the roadblocks are insurmountable and the parties necessary to make this a reality are not in a position to support this project.

After my investigation and research of this proposal, I found that the district agreed to move the anchor from its location behind a steel storage container to the front lawn of the campus where it originally rested. Any additional restorations, renovations, or construction are not being considered. Any bond money still available from past bond measures is being spent on renovations of the 600 building to make it useable for special-needs classrooms (our special needs students are presently using portable buildings as their classrooms), and to upgrade the underground electrical wiring at to make our school functional in the 21st century. Future bond money will be spent on upgrading facilities that directly impact our students: classrooms, technology upgrades, and facility improvements that are not considered aesthetic.

Per the provisions of the Field Act contained in the California Education Code sections 17280, any construction on a school campus requires DSA approval (Division of the State Architect). Myriad building permits, architectural plans, and various other costs would not prove to be cost-effective. Even if private donations were secured, the building of any structure would take the time and energy of district staff whose focus is directed at preparing our facilities to meet the educational needs of our students at Mar Vista High School and in the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Although a cherished monument, the rebuilding of the brick marquee is not something that can be considered at this time. As an administrator at a school with such deep roots, I felt it was my responsibility to investigate the feelings of the stake-holders: present and former students, a passionate staff, and community members. Many people feel that returning the anchor to the front of the school was a significant event. Although I understand that your wish was to have the marquee rebuilt, the anchor has generated a sense of nostalgia and happiness. It is because of your efforts that this happened, and we believe it is quite an accomplishment! On behalf of the Sweetwater District, I thank you for your efforts and for your continued support of your alma mater.

David Mitrovich
Assistant Principal of Student Activities
Mar Vista High School

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